Commissioning Management

Commissioning is a crucial process that takes the system from the static completion to the fully integrated systems of building testing. It’s a progressive and logical sequence of regulation, balancing, and testing to ensure that all systems are fully compliant with the relevant standards, codes, current practices, and design specification. Commission management is our core business, and we have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals that are committed to the project deliverables. The main objective of commissioning systems is to make sure that building equipment and systems are installed in compliance to contract documents as well as ensure that they function as planned by the design team of the project. We design, execute and conduct regular inspections and operational tests on the systems to provide an adequate framework for the whole system to comply with these requirements.

It has been discovered that implementation and initiation of the formal systems and protocols of commissioning management are essential for the prosperity of any project. In addition, it’s a requirement for LEED certification; the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards have the same goal of improving building performance. Team Arabia is a qualified authority for providing commissioning services for green buildings. Service, our teams, will support you on-site with an optimal commissioning process and set-up of your field instruments and solutions. This means less effort for your staff and lower resource costs. We will minimize set-up time, and ensure the process is up and running on time to make sure you lose as little production time as possible.