Our aim is always to deliver projects which meet the goals of our clients as well as the owners and the commissioning in the heart of our operations. We apply our services of commissioning right from the earliest design stages and do not end until your project is successfully and safely operational and occupied. We will oversee all steps throughout the project, form reviewing, verifying construction documents, and design drawings, to fine-tuning the systems once the project is occupied and operating.


Commissioning Management

Commissioning is a crucial process that takes the system from the static completion to the fully integrated systems of building testing.

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Close-up of construction foreman writing on building plans. Group is looking over building plans. Location is a real construction site.

Commissioning Verification

Once the Instruments are set-up to operate according to its specifications and your operational requirements.

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HVAC Testing And Balancing

The purpose of testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) is to assure that the HVAC system is providing maximum occupant comfort at the lowest-energy cost possible.

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Electrical Testing And Commissioning

Team Arabia has the expertise as well as a team of electrical technicians that perform live and cold testing according to the standards of IEE regulations.

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Electrical & Mechanical Troubleshooting And Surveys

Over time, building engineering systems/services invariably lose the peak efficiency or become hard to control because of modifications ..

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Production Of O&M Manual

Team Arabia undertakes the production and management of cost-effective, high quality digital and printable O&M (Operations & Maintenance) manuals,

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Duct Cleaning

Team Arabia provides Air Duct Cleaning service by using the most modern Duct Cleaning Technology Equipment’s

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